Everyday Backpack: Setup and Tips

The Everyday Backpack is our top selling bag. Our Flagship Store Manager, Zona, walks through every single nook and cranny of our award-winning everyday carrier in this 28-minute edge-of-your-seat thriller. Warning: this backpack has a large number of nooks and crannies, and watching Zona meticulously point them out might make you uncomfortable.

That's just how Zona rolls.



Learn more about the EDB and purchase it here.


If you're not all about sitting through a 30-minute video, skip to the juicy bits you want to see by clicking a timestamp below:

Overview 0:12

20L vs. 30L 0:54

Main Features 1:14

Zippers 2:47

Straps 4:27

Capture compatibility 5:29

More Straps (Waist, Sternum Strap Closer Look) 6:08

Straps PRO TIP 6:25

Side Pockets 6:43

External Carry 8:03

External Straps PRO TIP 8:56

Internal Features 9:23

FlexFolders 9:45

Organizational Pockets 12:11

Sternum Strap 12:39

Zona’s baggage (Example) 13:49

Concluding Thoughts 22:15  


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