Vegan/Animal Friendly Products

In order to help customers who want to purchase products which don't contain Animal Products, we have produced the following list to provide guidance.


"Vegan Friendly"

Charcoal Colorway Backpack, Messenger, Sling, Field Pouch and Range pouch (only available in Charcoal)

Heritage Tan Colorway Messenger and Field Pouch (other items not available in this colorway)

Straps SlideLITE, Leash (SKU L-2), Cuff (SKU CF-2) and Clutch (handstrap) in addition to Anchor Links

Not "Vegan Friendly" Contains Leather

All Ash Colorway Bags Backpack, Tote, Sling

Charcoal Tote Leather padding on shoulder straps

Straps Slide - all colorways Leather on the final portion which holds the Anchor Links.

Leash (L-AS-3), Cuff (CF-AS-3) Leather used on Pull Portions

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