Finding Your Serial Number or QC Number

Most of our products have unique serial numbers. We use these numbers to track products throughout their lifecycle. They help us identify the root causes of potential issues that arise, and also protect us and our customers against counterfeit/knockoff products.

Here's a quick guide on how to find your product serial number. Note: some products don't have a serial number. If you're trying to register a product that doesn't have a serial number, don't's not required to activate your lifetime warranty.




Bags + Pouches: Serial numbers are located on the reverse side of the care instructions tag, which is located somewhere on the inside of the bag (scroll down for help finding it). Some bags have a quality control (or "QC") number instead of a serial number. A bag's QC number is a combination of 2 numbers: the number on the large metallic sticker, plus the number on the small white sticker. In the above picture, the full QC number is "2F6 3117."

Clips: Capture Clips have the serial number printed on the back of the clip chassis. Some older Capture models may not have serial number.

Straps: Most straps made since 2017 have a serial number printed on one of the plastic Anchor housings.

Products without serial numbers include Shell, POV Kit, Bino Kit, and Lens Kit, as well as most plates, accessories, and replacement parts. Don't worry, you can still register them and activate your lifetime warranty.



Some Clutches have their serial number on the underside of the Clutch Adjuster or the "quick adjustment hook", as shown below:




Travel Backpack: Inside one of the stretch pockets within the silicone mesh pocket in the front access panel

Wash Pouch: Inside one of the stretch pockets within the center zip pocket

Tech Pouch: Inside the center pocket

Shoe Pouch: Inside the stuff sack

Rain Fly: Inside the stuff sack

Camera Cubes: Inner corner of the cube opposite the opening side of the lid

Packing Cubes: Inside the dirty clothes compartment  


Everyday Backpack 20L/30L: Inside top left internal pocket in the left access panel

Everyday Messenger 13"/15": Inside zip pocket beneath main opening flap

Everyday Sling 10L: Inside external zip pocket

Everyday Sling 5L: Inside external zip pocket

Everyday Tote: Inside external stash pocket on front side of bag (side with closure strap)

Field Pouch: Inside internal zip pocket on side opposite the closure flap

Range Pouch: Behind internal felt divider on side opposite the closure flap

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