Difference Between Capture Versions

Since 2011 we've launched 3 generations of Capture. Here are the different versions and how to tell 'em apart.

Version 1 (2011-2013)

Distinctive features: 4-pronged clamping bolts. Knurled metal twist lock. Square red quick release button. Arca plate with neoprene pad. Die-cast plate and body with black powdercoat.


Capture v1 was our very first foray into designing and manufacturing products. Looking back, we now think it looks like it came from the '80s, but in a kinda cool way.

Note that later versions of Capture v1 came with one of 3 "Pro Plates." These quick release plates were machined and anodized with red pads, and designed to accommodate Arca tripods (ARCAplate), Manfrotto tripods (DUALplate), or smaller cameras (MICROplate). See Below:


Left to right: Capture v1 + ARCAplate, MICROplate, and DUALplate


Version 2 (2013-2017)

Distinctive features: Completely redesigned, more rounded & ergonomic body. Round clamping bolt heads. Round twist lock head. Rounded quick release button with built-in locking mechanism.


When we first launched v2, it came with one of 3 quick-release plates. They were the same 3 plates that came with v1:capturev2plates.jpg

Left to right: Capture v2 + ARCAplate, DUALplate, and MICROplate

Later we launched Capture Standard, a version of Capture with a glass-filled nylon backplate and a die-cast tripod plate. We renamed the all-metal version CapturePRO, and created a single machined plate for it with screw-in tripod adapters called PROplate:



Left: Capture Standard. Right: CapturePRO.

We also offered Capture v2 with one of 3 adapter kits for carrying additional devices:


Left to right: CaptureP.O.V., CaptureBINO, CaptureLENS

Version 3 (2017-now)

Distinctive Features: Significantly smaller, lighter, lower profile. All-machined and anodized body and plate. Body even more rounded and ergonomic. Comes with 2 sets of bolts: thumb and hex drive. No more twist lock. Round metal quick release button that can be turned to engage safety lock. Available in 2 colors, black and silver.



With v3 we really simplified the Capture SKU assortment. There's one clip. And there's a bunch of plates. You can get the clip + Standard Plate (Capture), or just the clip (Capture Clip-Only). Then you can add on whatever additional plates you want:


Top: Capture v3
Middle: Standard Plate, Dual Plate
Bottom: Bino Kit, P.O.V. Kit, Lens Kit

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