Using P.O.V. Kit with Capture v3

In September 2018 we updated P.O.V. Kit so that it is fully compatible with Capture v3 and all previous versions of Capture. The main update was to a component of P.O.V. Kit we call the "Adapter Plate." The updated Adapter Plate (pictured below) contains a twist lock that will stabilize the plate (and your GoPro) when it is mounted into Capture v3.

If you don't own a P.O.V. Kit, you can buy our newest version here. If you own an older version of P.O.V. Kit and want to update it so that it works with Capture v3, you can purchase a P.O.V. Update Kit.



Why the update?

We needed to update P.O.V. Kit because when we launched Capture v3, we removed Capture's plate lock feature. Previous versions of Capture had an additional locking screw on the opposite side of the quick-release button. The screw secured the plate into place and prevented jiggling. This feature was only useful when mounting a GoPro. The rest of the time, the plate lock screw would tend to dig into your shoulder or waist, making it uncomfortable. Hence, we removed it.

Because we removed the plate lock from Capture v3, we had to add plate locking functionality to our P.O.V. Kit. With our new version of P.O.V. Kit, the integrated twist lock will stabilize your GoPro and prevent jiggling when it is clipped into Capture.




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