My plate jiggles when locked in Capture. Is that normal?

When your device is locked into Capture you may notice a small amount of movement, or as the kids like to call it, jiggle. This is perfectly normal and as-designed.

In order to create a smooth and easy-to-operate quick-release lock, there needs to be some space between the plate and the channel in the clip that that plate locks into. If we removed that space, tiny bits of moisture or particulate would cause Capture to jam. So, to confirm, if you're experiencing jiggle it's natural and will not affect your comfort or security. If you experience jiggle lasting longer than 4 hours, call your doctor.

One area where jiggle is an issue is for users of POV Kit (our GoPro mount adapter). Older versions of Capture had a plate lock that would eliminate this jiggle when engaged. We're currently working to update POV Kit to contain it's own locking screw, which you can read about here.

All versions of Capture have identical clearance distances between the plate and the clip. Over the years we have tweaked the shape of the channel so that it's easier to insert/remove your camera.

Some long-time Capture users have noticed differences in "jiggliness" between versions. Those differences likely result from slight variations in tolerance on our previous Capture clips, which were die-cast and powder coated instead of machined and anodized. Capture v3 is entirely machined, which is a marginally more precise process.

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