Capture v3: Why did you remove the plate lock?

The plate lock was a feature on Capture v2 that we removed in Capture v3 (launched in late 2017). It was a screw on the opposite side of the quick-release button that, when tightened, clamped down on the plate to stabilize it.

We removed the plate lock for a few reasons:

  • The screw created discomfort because it had a tendency to dig into your shoulder or waist when wearing Capture
  • The screw would often creep into the tight position over time, causing usability issues
  • Some customers assumed the screw was a security lock, which it wasn't

By removing the plate lock we've been able to make Capture significantly lower profile and way more comfortable.



I am a POV Kit user. What do I do now?

Good news! If you own P.O.V. Kit, you can purchase the P.O.V. Update Kit. This contains an upgraded Adapter Plate with an integrated twist lock for stabilizing your GoPro when inserted into Capture v3 (or any previous version of Capture).

I used the plate lock to eliminate jiggle. What do I do now?

Some folks note that there is a bit of movement when their plate is locked into Capture. This is normal, and we explain that functionality here.

I used the plate lock as a security lock. What do I do now?

Despite it's looks, the plate lock was actually not designed to be used as a security feature. It's meant to stabilize your plate. The quick-release lock is the main locking feature on Capture, and that hasn't changed. The best way to prevent accidental release is by using twisting the quick-release button a quarter turn to lock it. More on that feature here.

I used CapturePRO as a tripod head. What do I do now?

CapturePRO (the all-metal version of Capture v2) had a threaded hole in the backplate that allowed you to use it as a quick-release tripod head. After surveying thousands of Capture users, we found that so few people used this feature that we eliminated it from Capture v3. This helped us streamline the product and keep consumer costs down.

If you really love using Capture as a tripod head, you can probably find older versions of Capture on Amazon or eBay.

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