Capture v2: Difference between Standard and Pro

Note: this article refers to discontinued products. Capture Standard and CapturePRO were replaced by Capture v3 in late 2017. Capture v3 is designed to meet the needs of everybody, from hobbyists to serious pros.

With that, here's the differences between v2 Capture and CapturePRO:

Who are they for?

Capture (v2) is for anybody who owns a camera too big to fit in their pocket. It's for all types of photographers, whether you just got your first DSLR camera or you've been shooting since the Nixon administration. Whether you're carrying a camera up Mount Shasta or carrying your camera at Disney Land, Capture is a great product for you.

CapturePRO (v2) is specifically for pro photographers with heavy cameras and lenses, who use their gear day-in, day-out, in demanding environments. It's also for people who need Manfrotto RC2 compatibility. 

Physical Differences

First off, it's important to know that there is only one Capture Clip. Whether you buy Capture, CapturePRO or any other model of Capture, you get the same clip. The differences between Capture and CapturePRO are in the plate and backplate that come with the clip:

Functional Differences

1. Weight Capacity: NO DIFFERENCE!

That's right, both Capture and CapturePRO are capable of carrying over 200lbs (90kg). From a sheer weight capacity perspective, they are identical and equally unrivaled in their security.

2. Tripod Plate Twist Resistance: CapturePRO wins

PROplate, which comes with CapturePRO, has a larger surface area that comes in contact with the camera. This makes it more resistant to twisting, and hence we recommend it if you are carrying a full-frame DSLR with heavy professional lenses.

3. Durability of Finish: CapturePRO wins

PROplate is made from machined, anodized aluminum. Standard Plate is made from die-cast, powder coated aluminum. Anodization is a harder, longer lasting finish than powder coating. So, PROplate's finish will look better longer. Note that even if the finish on the plates becomes worn, they are still perfectly functional and weatherproof.

4. Ultralight-ness: Capture wins

Capture (122g) is actually slightly lighter than CapturePRO (144g) because it has a smaller plate and a glass-filled nylon Standard Backplate (versus the aluminum Pro Backplate on CapturePRO).

5. Tripod Compatibility: CapturePRO wins

Standard Plate works with most ARCA tripods (see the list here). PROplate works with most ARCA and Manfrotto® RC2 tripods (see the list here).

6. Use as a Tripod Head: CapturePRO wins

The Pro Backplate has a 1/4"-20 and 3/8" thread in it. This lets you screw CapturePRO atop a tripod plate or tripod head, and use it as a quick-release system. Truthfully, very few people use this feature. But it's there if you want it.

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