Anatomy of Capture

Here's a rundown of all of Capture's beautiful little parts:

A. Quick-Release Plate
This is the part that screws into the bottom of your camera. All of our quick-release plates are tripod-compatible, meaning you can take your camera out of Capture and pop it directly into most tripod heads.

B. Quick-Release Button
When your camera is locked into Capture, you press this button to release your camera. The button has a built-in safety lock for extra security.

C. Clip
Sometimes we call this part the "chassis." It's the part of Capture that actually holds your camera.

D. Backplate
The backplate lets Capture clamp onto belts and straps.

E. Accessory Loops
The backplate has a couple of small holes in it - we've added these as attachment points for future Capture accessories. We're always thinking ahead.

F. Mounting Hole for Tripods
Found only in CapturePRO, this mounting hole lets you screw your entire capture unit atop a tripod or monopod and use it as a quick-release clamp.

G. Hand Strap Loops
CapturePRO has loops that allow you to use a hand strap (or any Peak Design Strap) with your camera even when you're using Capture. The standard Capture model has smaller loops for connecting Peak Design Micro Anchors.

H. Camera Connection Screw
This screw goes into the tripod mount on the bottom of your camera.

I. Plate Lock
The plate lock is for stabilizing your camera when it's in Capture - important if you're using Capture as a tripod head or using it to mount a P.O.V. camera.

J. Clamping Bolts
These bolts clamp Capture securely to any belt or strap.
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