Mounting Capture on a belt (VIDEO)

Attaching your DSLR onto your belt is a safe, discreet hands-free way to take your camera with you anywhere. Whether you’re shooting a wedding, commuting on a tram, going to a music festival or taking your kids to the zoo, Capture will make sure you never leave your camera behind again. Watch this video for our key tips for using Capture on your belt...

Some of our biggest tips for wearing Capture on your belt:

  • Tighten your belt. When your belt is secure, your camera will be secure. For the most hilarious results, tuck in your turtleneck and hike your pants up to your nipples.
  • Use a thick, sturdy belt for best results. Thin fabric belts tend to sag when you put weight on them. A nice sturdy leather belt will keep your camera very secure.
  • Make sure the quick-release button is pointed downwards. This lets you release Capture with one hand. Some people prefer the button on top where they can see it, and that's fine too.
  • Wear Capture on the front of your belt, towards the center of your body. This position places your camera and lens in a protected location, and allows a photographer to walk and even sit while their camera is secured in Capture.
  • With long lenses, Capture works best on the side of your hip. This lets you move around without bumping the lens with your leg.
  • Try moving Capture in different positions around your waist to find out what is most comfortable. Depending on your activity or style of movement, Capture may work better to your side, above your pants pocket, or further in towards your center.
  • Try adjusting the angle at which Capture sits on your belt, as well as the angle at which the plate is screwed into your camera. This will cause your camera to sit at different angles on your body.


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