Using Capture with Heavy Cameras, Pro Lenses and Battery Grips

Capture will hold any camera securely - from small compact systems to full-frame bodies with professional telephoto lenses. Trust us when we say that the safety of your camera is our absolute #1 priority.

Capture is built to withstand well over 200lbs of force, meaning that it is strong enough for the heaviest of bodies and lenses. With heavy professional rigs, safety will not be an issue. Rather, you'll need to think about comfort.

Pro Pad

If you're planning on using Capture predominantly with a full-frame DSLR that has a heavy lens or battery grip, Pro Pad is a highly recommended accessory.



Pro Pad is a semi-rigid pad that sits beneath your Capture unit on your belt or backpack strap and distributes the weight of your camera across your body. It also stabilizes your camera, keeping it from shifting around as you move.



Professional Camera Belts

Another option for Capture users with big rigs is to attach Capture to a professional camera belt, like the ThinkTank Pro Speed belt.

Pro camera belts are sturdy, padded belts designed specifically for carrying photography gear around your waist. They come in a variety of sizes, and often have lens pouches and other accessories available. Capture was specifically designed to fit in the nylon loops on the ThinkTank line of camera belts.



Padded Backpack Straps & Frame Packs

Another good way to support big rigs is with a big, sturdy backpack. Modern trekking packs have thick, stiff straps with full frames, sternum supports and waist belts. These kinds of backpacks will easily support heavy cameras with large lenses.

Photography companies like F-Stop and Mindshift make sturdy frame packs specifically for adventure and outdoor photographers. These packs are beautiful, well-made and incredibly functional.


No Camera or Lens is too big for Capture to handle. Just ask this guy:

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