Using Capture with Leash & Cuff camera straps

All of our gear is designed to work together as a complete system, or separately as stand-alone products. Using Leash and/or Cuff alongside Capture will give you an extra layer of security for your camera.

Leash and Cuff use the Micro Anchor quick-connection system. The Micro Anchors can be attached anywhere on your camera. We've also included special loops in Capture's quick-release plates for attaching these Micro Anchors:

Leash can be used as a safety tether for your camera - simply attach one end of Leash to your camera and the other end of Leash to your belt or backpack. Now you can remove your camera from Capture without the risk of your camera dropping into oblivion.

Cuff is a more minimalist solution for keeping your camera safe and secure. When removing your camera from Capture, you can quickly attach Cuff so that your camera remains tethered to your wrist. When you re-insert your camera into Capture, Cuff disconnects quickly with one hand and remains wrapped around your wrist for the next time you need it.

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