Using Capture with Peak Design Straps

All of our gear is designed to work together as a complete system, or separately as stand-alone products. That goes for clips, straps, bags, pouches, covers, the whole shebang. In other words:


How Clips + Straps Work Together

Simply put, Peak Design straps use a quick-connectors (called Anchors), and those anchors can connect to your camera strap loops, or any of Capture's quick-release plates. That means you can keep your camera attached to your clip and strap at the same time, or alternate between the two carry methods instantly.



Specific Applications

There are a million. Here are some of the top ones:

Carrying 2 Cameras

Using Capture + Clutch Hand Strap

Having drop protection when your camera is out of Capture. This is a benefit of using Capture along side any Peak Design strap.

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