Attaching Micro Anchors to cameras with small strap eyelets

There are a few point-and-shoot and compact-mirrorless camera models out there whose strap attachments are too small for the cord on our Version 2 Micro Anchors. We've identified a couple solutions to the issue:

  • Try and thread it through with dental floss looped through the cord of the anchor, alternatively try tweezers or pliers. This will work on some cameras with slightly larger eyelets - Leicas for example.
  • If your eyelet is still too small, try using a small split ring to connect the Micro Anchor to the eyelet. You can get them from a local hardware store or from Amazon. Attach the ring to the eyelet, and then attach the Micro Anchor to the ring.

Obviously neither of these are great long term solutions.

We've therefore made our Micro Anchor cords skinnier while retaining the same strength and flexibility. Our Version 3 Anchors will fit through the eyelets of most cameras, but for ease may still benefit from being inserted with the use of dental floss.

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