Leash Anatomy

Leash is a versatile quick-connecting camera strap that can be used as a sling strap, neck strap, safety tether or video stabilizer. Have a part-by-part look at what makes Leash tick…

A) Anchor Housing: There is one housing on each end of Leash, and it allows your Leash to quickly lock on and off of your camera. Made from glass-reinforced nylon, the housing is strong, light, and will not scratch your gear.

B) Adjuster: Use this to change the length of Leash. Leash expands from 19 inches (48cm) to 60 inches (152cm).

C) Micro Anchors: Leash comes with 4 Anchors, which attach to any loop on your camera or gear, and lock into the anchor housings on the end of Leash. Anchors are made from Delrin®, a high-strength lightweight thermoplastic that will not scratch your camera body.

D) Triangle Ring: This is a special anchor attachment point used in certain Leash configurations. 

Other things to note:
  • The end of Leash closest to the adjuster is called the “doubled” end and the other end is called the “single” end. We came up with these creative terms to make it easier to give instructions and tips.
  • Leash’s strap is made from 3/4 inch wide seatbelt style webbing that is strong, smooth and collapsible for easy storage.
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