Wearing PROpad in the side-loading belt position

The side-loading belt mount lets you wear Capture as you normally would on your belt, but with the added padding and support of PROpad. This configuration provides the highest amount of support, so we recommend it for extra-heavy setups.

Here's how you go about setting up the side-loading belt mount:

Unscrew Capture's clamping bolts almost all the way. If you wish, you can change out our clamping bolts for the long clamping bolts included with PROpad. Swivel open Capture and insert the free end of the backplate into the top slot in PROpad.

Insert the Capture backplate all the way into the top slot.

When the Capture backplate is fully inserted, hold Capture and PROpad with one hand, making sure the front flap on the PROpad is folded up.

Insert PROpad and the Capture backplate behind your belt. You will not need to take your belt off when doing this, but you may need to loosen your belt. Push the entire setup downwards as far as it will go - until Capture's top clamping bolt rests atop your belt.

Fold the PROpad front flap over your belt, so that Capture's lower clamping bolt is exposed through the PROpad clamping bolt window.

Swivel Capture closed. If you're having a hard time closing Capture you may need to further unscrew the clamping bolts. If you're still having trouble, you'll need to replace the standard clamping bolts with the long clamping bolts that come with PROpad.

Shazaam. You done it. Insert your camera, and feel the comfort and support of PROpad. Note that in this position you can remove your camera from Capture with just one hand.

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