Using Cuff as a camera wrist strap

Cuff is a quick-connecting minimalist wrist strap that is designed to keep your camera safe and sound while eliminating the need for bigger, more cumbersome gear.


It couldn’t be simpler, really. Cuff goes on and off in a second.

  • Attach a Micro Anchor to the strap loop on your camera closest to the grip.
  • Attach Cuff’s end to the Anchor on your camera.
  • Thread your wrist through Cuff’s wrist loop.
  • To detach Cuff, press down on the Anchor and slide it out of the housing.
  • Alternatively, you can keep Cuff attached to your camera and remove your wrist from Cuff.



Cuff has an adjustable wrist loop that can be tightened for an ultra-secure connection.

  • Let your camera hang from your wrist so the Cuff strap is taut.
  • Slide the adjuster toward your wrist with your other hand to tighten it.


Cuff also makes a great safety tether for P.O.V. cameras and point-and-shoots.
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