Carrying a point-and-shoot on a belt or strap with P.O.V. Kit

Note: if you haven't yet, watch our POV Kit Instructional Video.

Another Note: This article shows POV Kit being used with an old version of Capture. You can use POV Kit to carry a point-and-shoot with Capture v3 as well.

P.O.V. Kit is handy for more than just taking P.O.V. video. It also lets you conveniently carry point-and-shoot camera flat against your body:

Right: Without P.O.V. Kit, a point-and-shoot camera will stick straight out of your body when wearing it with the Capture clip. Left: With P.O.V. Kit, your point-and-shoot will sit flat against your body.

Here's the parts of P.O.V. Kit you need to do this:

From left to right, top to bottom: Adapter Plate, Connection Screw, Point-and-Shoot Plate, Hex Wrench

And here's how you set it all up:

First, take the Point-and-Shoot Plate and screw it into the Adapter Plate using the Connection Screw.

Grab your camera and use the hex wrench to screw the Point-and-Shoot plate into the bottom tripod mount. Make sure you securely tighten the plate to the bottom of your camera - don't be afraid to give it a good crank so your camera is safe.

That's it. Slide your camera into Capture and you're good to go. Note that the Adapter Plate fits in Capture in 4 directions, meaning that you can carry your camera any direction you'd like:

Here it is at a 90-degree angle. Shazaam.

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