P.O.V. Kit setup: Mounting non-GoPro® P.O.V. cameras

P.O.V. Kit lets you mount more than just GoPro® brand P.O.V. cameras. It also works with the Sony Action Cam, some Contour cameras, and any P.O.V. camera with a 1/4"-20 tripod thread on the bottom.

Our head product designer Art wearing a Sony Action Cam on his backpack strap with P.O.V. Kit and Capture.

To mount a non-GoPro P.O.V. camera, follow the instructions for mounting a point-and-shoot camera. It uses the exact same hardware and setup.


Compatibility Notes for Non-GoPro Cameras

If your action camera has a 1/4-20 tripod mount on it (like Contour, Sony Action Cam, and most other non-GoPro brands) you may need to make certain adjustments to use it with POV Kit.

1. You may need to wear your camera higher up on the shoulder. Sometimes your camera will not have enough rear clearance to sit in Capture at a straight angle. To correct this, move Capture to the top of your shoulder. Your camera will then be able to point straight forward.

2. You may want to use a 3rd party extension arm. Using a GoPro extension arm with POV Kit will give you more options for positioning your camera. Extension arms (like this one) can be connected to the POV Kit Adapter Plate on one end and the point-and-shoot plate on the other end. They allow your camera to sit further away from the Capture unit.

3. You may want to use a tripod-to-GoPro adapter. These adapters (like this one) make it easier to mount Drift and Contour cameras on the POV Kit, since they allow you to connect your camera directly to the J-arm. 

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