What kinds of cameras does Capture work with?

Capture can be used with any camera that has a 1/4"-20 tripod thread on the bottom. So, basically, Capture works with any camera.

  • full-frame DSLRs
  • crop-sensor DSLRs
  • compact-mirrorless and micro 4/3 cameras
  • point-and-shoot cameras

You can even mount a GoPro (or other brand of POV video camera) in capture using P.O.V. Kit.

Capture can carry any pair of binoculars with the optional Bino Kit, as long as those binos have a tripod mount (typically between the lens barrels).

Capture can also carry lenses (Canon, Nikon, and Sony E/FE) with the Lens Kit.

What about really big cameras?

You know it. Capture holds well over 200lbs (90kg). Here's some tips for using Capture with a big-ass camera/lens combo.

What about really old cameras?

If it's got a 1/4"-20 tripod mount, yes. Just ask this guy:

A customer using Capture to hold a Seneca Model 7 camera from 1910
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