Attaching Capture to a ThinkTank Camera Belt

Note: the pictures in this article are way old (2012-ish) and feature Capture v1, but these instructions still apply to Capture v2 and v3.

Got a pro camera belt like the ThinkTank Pro Speed? Here's how you can attach Capture for a rock-solid camera-carrying solution that will handle even the heaviest of rigs.

All ThinkTank camera belts are equipped with braided nylon loops. Capture’s bottom plate fits perfectly inside one of these loops. Swivel the clip open and stick the free clamping bolt through one of the loops in the belt.

Push the bottom plate through the loop. This step requires a bit of elbow grease, but both Capture and the ThinkTank belts are more than sturdy enough to handle it. You’ll find that Capture’s bottom plate fits snugly through the loop without a millimeter to spare.

Swivel Capture closed and tighten down the clamping bolts. Now Capture is securely fastened to your ThinkTank belt.

Fasten the ThinkTank belt around your hips and pull the straps tight. Then, simply slide your camera into place with the lens pointing downwards. We recommend trying Capture in a few different loop positions to find the optimal combination of comfort and ease-of-access.

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