Can I order Slide/Clutch with a different tripod plate or no tripod plate?

The short answer is unfortunately no you can't. Slide and Clutch both come with our Standard Plate.

It is not possible for us to exchange the Standard Plate for a different one, or to remove the Standard Plate and offer the Slide/Clutch at a discount without the plate.

Our Standard Plate, ProPlate and MicroPlate are compatible with both Slide and Clutch while used with the Capture Clip System, but the older ARCA Plate (no longer widely sold) is not optimised for use with Slide/Clutch AND the Capture System at the same time due to the position of the Anchor attachments.

If you require compatibility with the Manfrotto RC2 Tripod System, you will need to purchase a ProPlate separately. or refer to the support article "Making your tripod compatible with Capture"

We apologize for the inconvenience that this causes some folks, but in the end we felt responsible to make the choice that provided the best experience to the greatest number of people

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