P.O.V. Kit Compatibility Issues with Capture v1

Note: This article discusses compatibility issues with Capture v1. For info on compatibility issues (and forthcoming solutions) with Capture v3, go to this article.

When it comes to the original v1 Capture Camera Clip (pictured below) there are a couple of compatibility issues that you should know about. It's wrong to say that Capture v1 is incompatible with P.O.V. Kit - you can still use the two products together - but there are issues that may arise.

Above: Capture v1 was manufactured and sold between 2011 and the middle of 2013. It is no longer in production, but many folks out there have and use it.

Stabilizer Pad & Long Bolts

Issue: P.O.V. Kit comes with a Stabilizer Pad and a set of Long Clamping Bolts. The pad sits behind your backpack strap and allows you to take smoother video. The Long Clamping Bolts do not fit Capture v1. Thus, in some cases you will not be able to attach the Stabilizer Pad when using P.O.V. Kit. This can result in shakier videos.

This is an image from one of our instructional articles showing the Stabilizer Pad and Long Clamping Bolts.

Solution 1: Use the clamping bolts that came with Capture v1. In some cases, you may not need the Long Clamping Bolts. For instance, if you have a very thin backpack strap, you might be good to go. The v1 clamping bolts are 1/8" longer than the v2 standard bolts, and that might give you the extra clearance you need.

Solution 2: Use longer clamping bolts from the hardware store. We do not make long bolts for Capture v1. But those bolts use a standard thread size (1/4"-20) and you can find acceptable substitutes at any hardware store. We know this is not the most elegant of solutions, but it will certainly be functional.

Solution 3: Use P.O.V. Kit without the Stabilizer Pad. If you have a backpack with very thick, sturdy straps you should be able to get by without using the Stabilizer Pad.


Plate Lock

Issue: Capture v2 and CapturePRO have a Plate Lock feature that is used to rigidly clamp the P.O.V. Kit into place when it's locked into Capture. This prevents shaky video. Capture v1 has a Twist Lock instead of a Plate Lock. The Twist Lock has a pointy tip, and when you drive it into the P.O.V. Kit it will dig into the plastic.

Note the Capture v2 Plate Lock's clamping surface. Unlike Capture v1, v2 has a long flat surface that will not dig into the plastic P.O.V. Kit plate.

Solution: Lightly torque the Capture v1 Twist Lock. The Capture v1 Twist Lock was not designed to be used to clamp down on a plastic plate. It's certainly capable of doing that (see the below image). But after prolonged use the Twist Lock will dig into the plastic. While this will succeed in stabilizing the unit, it will mar the edge, and you may need to drive the Twist Lock deeper over time. Coupled with the vibration that happens during use, over time you may find that your P.O.V. Kit loosens and destabilizes. There is no good way to prevent this unfortunately - just try to not torque the Twist Lock too tight, as it will speed up the process. We should note that the wear caused by the Twist Lock is mostly a cosmetic issue, but it may eventually affect the functionality.

Capture v1 can work with P.O.V. Kit - this image shows a GoPro clamped onto the metal handle on the bow of a kayak.

If you wish to purchase Capture v2 and P.O.V. Kit together, we have a bundle on our website that gives you a $5 discount for purchasing both products at the same time.

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