Capture v2 versus Capture v1: What's Changed?

Note: This article refers to discontinued products. We currently sell Capture v3 (as of late 2017). To see what's new with Capture v3, see the Features Tab on the Capture product page.

Capture v1 vs Capture v2

Back in 2011, Peak Design launched the original Capture Camera Clip on Kickstarter. We spent almost 2 years building our team and reinventing our solution from the ground up, incorporating feedback from our thousands of awesome backers and customers.

Here's a high-level look at the new things in Capture v2:

To walk you though the big new things one by one...

  • There's a Standard and Pro version now: Hobbyists and beginners have different needs than serious pros and adventurers, hence we've created 2 versions of our clip. CapturePRO is our new flagship model - it's all-aluminum and comes with 1 of 3 PROplates. Capture is our entry-level model - it contains a plastic backplate and comes with a standard QR plate. Read more about the differences between those products here.
  • Beautiful new ergonomic shape: The new Capture looks sleek and stunning - but the new shape is more than just eye-candy. We’ve redesigned it to give you total comfort no matter where on your body you wear it. We also redesigned the clamping bolts to make them easier to screw down, even if you’re wearing gloves.
  • Lighter and slimmer: We’ve trimmed the fat, making our (already compact) product lighter, slimmer and more unobtrusive. The Capture v1 body weighed 120g. CapturePRO v2 weighs 110g and Capture v2 weighs 100g. 
  • Better security features: We created 2 new secondary locking systems to give you more security options. A safety lock has been added to the quick-release button, giving you a quick and easy way to prevent accidental release. Additionally the all-new Plate Lock has replaced the v1 Twist Lock. The Plate Lock stabilizes your camera if you’re using Capture as a tripod clamp or action camera mount. Wait - did we just say you can use it as a tripod clamp?
  • That’s right, it works as a tripod clamp too (PRO): CapturePRO has a ¼” tripod mounting hole in it’s back plate. This means you can put it atop your tripod or monopod and have a fully functioning quick-release clamp for your camera.


For those who purchased the original Kickstarter version of Capture, you'll find that we've updated our original quick-release plate too. Here's the old school die-cast quick-release plate with neoprene pad: 


We now have 4 new plates - 1 that comes with Capture, and 3 that can be purchased with CapturePRO:

The new Standard Plate comes with the standard model of Capture v2. It's die-cast and powder coated. It has a hex-drive connection screw. And it has 4 connection points for Peak Design Micro Anchors.

CapturePRO v2 comes with one of our 3 PROplates. These plates are machined and anodized, giving them an ultra-tough and ultra-smooth finish. The DUALplate (far right) is compatible with both ARCA and Manfrotto® RC2 tripod heads.

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