Tripod Compatibility

So you like tripods? Well so do we. That’s why we designed our clips and straps to be tripod-compatible out-of-the-box. To determine tripod compatibility, follow these steps:

1. Determine which plate you have

(or which plate comes with the product you're thinking of buying.

2. View the tripod list for your plate

Scroll down and view the list of tripods that work with your plate.



List of Plates

For details, check out our plate comparison article.

Standard Plate + Standard Plate v1: Arca list
Dual Plate: Arca list + Manfrotto list
Lens Kit + P.O.V. Kit + Bino Kit: Arca list (note that there's no realistic scenario where you'd use Lens Kit with a tripod)
Anchor Mount: Not tripod compatible. As of late 2017, Anchor Mount comes with Slide, Slide Lite and Leash. .

Discontinued Plates

  • Standard Plate: Arca list
  • PROplate: Arca list + Manfrotto list
  • MICROplate: Arca list
  • ARCAplate: Arca list
  • DUALplate: Arca list + Manfrotto list 


Arca Tripod List

This list was generated with the help of our very own customers. If you've got something to add or dispute, please contact us.




Manfrotto Tripod List

We've made a few Manfrotto compatible tripod plates over the years. Our most current is the Dual Plate. The discontinued PROplate and DUALplate v1 also work.

  • If you want the absolute answer, view the list of compatible Manfrotto® heads.
  • If you want the shorter answer, it's this: Dual Plate works with most Manfrotto® heads with model numbers containing "RC2." If your Manfrotto® tripod head model number contains the characters "RC2" it means that your head is designed to work with Manfrotto® RC2 quick-release plates. If you have one of these heads, Dual Plate will most likely work with it. For a complete list of compatible RC2 heads, check out this article.




Incompatible Tripod List

Didn't see your tripod listed above? Or looking to buy a tripod that works with our gear? This list contains models that we know to be incompatible with our stuff.

  • Gitzo - no known compatible models (
  • Velbon - no known compatible models (
  • Giottos - lever release heads and sliding ARCA-type heads do not work (
  • Dolica - some people claim their stuff is ARCA-compatible, but we've had many customers vouch for the fact that they aren't. We've confirmed this with 3rd party online reviews.
  • Manfrotto ARCA Style Heads - We've had reports that our plates don't quite work with our Capture Plates
  • Most lever-release ARCA-type heads – with the exception of Really Right Stuff (who makes high-quality Capture-compatible lever-release clamps) we’ve found that these heads, even if they claim to be ARCA-compatible, often run a little wide or narrow depending on the brand.
  • ARCA-SWISS® Slidefix® heads – these heads are narrower than the classic ARCA design and will not accommodate the Capture plate.



Converting an Incompatible Tripod

It's easy (and relatively inexpensive) to take an incompatible tripod and make it compatible with all of our products. Follow the steps here.

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