Is Capture patented?

Capture has had US and foreign patent protection since 2010. We also have patent protection on our straps and bags. Trademarks are registered on Capture, Peak Design, and pretty much every other product we make.

We work hard to protect our intellectual property. Our IP represents the immense amount of blood, sweat, and tears that we've put into our products over the years. There have been many efforts to counterfeit or clone our products (often with little regard to security and usability) and thanks to the watchful eyes of our customers we've been able to keep fake stuff out of the mainstream.

If you ever come across phony or copycat versions of our products, please contact us and share the details on where you found 'em.

To those interested in counterfeiting our products, we're totes flattered! But we'd be more stoked if you put your time and effort into designing innovative solutions to people's problems.

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