Mounting Capture on a Backpack Strap (VIDEO)

Capture v3 attaches to any backpack strap or belt up to 2.5" wide (or if you have an older version of Capture, 3" wide). When attaching Capture to your backpack strap, here are some pro tips to optimize your experience:

  • Wear Capture on your left shoulder strap, just below your collarbone. This position provides ample support and easy access to the quick release button. Try moving Capture up and down on your shoulder strap to find out the position that is most comfortable for you.
  • Tighten your backpack straps and engage the sternum strap for more stability. It'll make it a lot easier to move around with your camera, and it's typically how modern backpacks are designed to be worn.
  • Backpacks that are fully packed and heavier will further increase the stability of your camera. If you're trying to figure out how to mount Capture to your bag, load your bag up first so you can get a feel for the weight distribution.
  • Cinch the sternum strap over your lens barrel for a super-secure hold. This is recommended for especially jarring activity like skiing or trail running. It will anchor the camera to your chest and keep the lens from bouncing.

Move Time

We're working on an updated Capture setup video. Until then, enjoy these oldies:

This video has tips for mounting Capture v2 to a backpack strap at around 1:18:

Here's a hilariously old video (circa 2011) showing tips for wearing Capture v1 on your backpack strap. While the aesthetics of the clip have changed quite a bit, the tips in this video still hold true.

Some of our biggest tips:

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