Using Leash as a camera safety tether

Stewart Monk uses Leash as a safety tether during a shoot in the French Alps.

Back when Leash was a figment of our imaginations, we originally envisioned it as a cool safety tether for Capture users who wanted an backup security device when they took their cameras out of the clip. It’s become so much more than that, but the fact still remains that Leash is the ultimate safety strap.

Belt Tethering

  • Adjust Leash’s length so that it is rather short (you can fine tune once it’s on you).
  • Place a Micro Anchor on Leash’s triangle ring.
  • Thread the “doubled” end of Leash behind your belt, and around the front of it.
  • Attach the Anchor on the triangle ring to the housing on the “doubled” end of Leash.
  • Check the length of Leash and readjust if necessary. It should be short enough to keep your camera from hitting the ground if dropped, but long enough to let you bring the camera to your eye.

Backpack Tethering

  • Attach a Micro Anchor to the D-ring on your backpack strap.
  • Attach one end of Leash to that D-ring, and the other end to your camera body.
  • You can also loop Leash around your sternum strap or any sturdy strap on the pack, and Leash to itself using the Anchor on the triangle ring.
  • Again, check the length of Leash to ensure it will keep your camera from hitting the ground.
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