Using Leash as a video stabilizer or monopod

Sure, we’d all love to have a Steadicam. But when you’re snowshoeing around Crater Lake, taking the subway to the skate park or carrying your 18-month-old, that ain’t really an option. You can, however, use Leash to stabilize your camera and take ultra-smooth video. It’s a jiff to setup, too.

  • Loop the “doubled” end of Leash around your belt, belt loop, foot, or a steady object nearby, and clip it to the Micro Anchor on the triangle ring.
  • Attach the “single” end of Leash to a Micro Anchor somewhere on your camera. Attaching the Anchor to the bottom of your camera works best. Capture quick-release plates have Anchor attachment points. You can also use our PROdrive screw.
  • Adjust the length of Leash so that the camera is at an appropriate height when pulled taut.
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