What is that in-sewn kink in my Cuff strap?

That kink in Cuff's webbing, sometimes called the "doubled-over section," was designed to prevent the Cuff wrist loop from being pulled all the way through the sliding adjuster piece.

Our early batches of Cuff did not have this kink. We found that customers were accidentally pulling the wrist loop through the adjuster and then pulling the wrong loop out. The result was that the adjuster stopped acting like an adjuster and started acting more like a slip knot around people's wrists. It wasn't a bad problem - it was just an inconvenience for those affected by it, and it was difficult to explain to people how to pull the Cuff strap back through the adjuster to fix the problem. So, we decided to add in that kink - that way the strap couldn't be pulled all the way through the adjuster. Problem solved.

Many customers have noticed this change much more than we thought they would. Some folks have said the kink is uncomfortable, and others have said that their straps are now to short. So we will be getting rid of this kink in future iterations.
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