PROpad Anatomy

PROpad is a Capture accessory that provides extra stability and support when carrying a heavy camera, heavy lens, or camera with a battery grip. It can be worn in several positions on the belt and backpack. Here's a diagram showing PROpad's parts:

  • A) Top Slot - in certain configurations, Capture's backplate will slide through this slot.
  • B) Slide Slot - first off, note that this is NOT a belt loop and many folks assume. Capture's backplate slides behind this slot in certain PROpad configurations.
  • C) Compression Molded Padding - this padding sits against your body, cushioning the weight of your camera and providing stability for your camera as you walk around.
  • D) Front Flap - this part is what allows PROpad to sandwich around your waist belt.
  • E) Clamping Bolt Window - in certain configurations, this window allows Capture's clamping bolt to stick through so you can clamp Capture around the PROpad and your belt.
Note that PROpad is compatible with all versions of Capture, including the original Capture Camera Clip, Capture v2 and CapturePRO.
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