Wearing PROpad in the top-loading belt position

The top-loading belt position is probably the most popular position to wear PROpad. It gives you the ability to drop your camera into Capture from the top, which may provide some users with an added assurance of safety.

Here are instructions on how to properly install Capture in the top-loading belt position:

This diagram shows the finished setup. Note that the belt is NOT threaded through the side slot on PROpad. This is a common setup mistake that causes PROpad to not function properly. Instead, your belt should sit between the front flap and the back of the pad. Read on to see how this is done.

Slide the back pad of the PROpad behind your belt entirely. You do not need to take your belt off to do this, but you may need to loosen your belt. Again note that you are not threading your belt through the side slot on PROpad.

Bring the front flap of PROpad down over the front of your belt so that PROpad is "sandwiched" around your belt.

Now get your Capture unit. Unscrew the clamping bolts as far as they go without coming out. Some people prefer to use the longer clamping bolts (included with PROpad).

Swivel open your Capture clip. With the loading end of Capture facing upwards, slide the open end of Capture's backplate through the side slot in PROpad. Here is an illustration showing how exactly your Capture clip should slide through:

Note that the belt is on top of the side slot, but Capture's backplate is beneath the side slot. This is the right way to attach Capture. Note that if your Capture is the same color as the image above then you should not touch it because it is likely over 600 degrees Celsius.

Slide Capture through the side slot until the clamping bolt is exposed on the other side. Then swivel the front of Capture down over the front flap of PROpad.

Once Capture is swiveled shut, pull the entire Capture unit up as far as it can go. The higher up your Capture unit is, the more comfort PROpad will offer.

Tighten Capture's clamping bolts all the way down. Ensure that they're good and tight, and that Capture has a secure grip on PROpad.

Boom, you're done. Now you can slide your camera into Capture from the top. Easy as pie, right?
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