What comes in the P.O.V. Kit and what does it all do?

Glad you asked. The short answers to your questions are lots of stuff, and lots of stuff. But you probably came here for slightly longer answers.

First off, you should know that P.O.V. Kit is not a standalone product. It is an accessory for the Capture and CapturePRO camera clips. You need a Capture clip (any version, including v1) to use the P.O.V. Kit.

Secondly, here's what the P.O.V. Kit lets you do:

  • Mount a GoPro® camera to any backpack strap, belt or strap-like object
  • Mount just about any brand of P.O.V. camera (Sony, Contour, etc.) to strap-like objects
  • Mount a point-and-shoot camera to any strap-like object. Essentially, it turns your point-and-shoot into a P.O.V. video camera.

Pretty cool huh? 

Here is an instructional video in how to use the P.O.V kit with your Capture Clip.  If you want to just read scroll down.

To do this, P.O.V. Kit comes with a bunch of special parts. Here they are in all of their glory:

The Adapter Plate slides and locks into the Capture clip, and connects to the J-Arm, the Point-and-Shoot plate, or directly to your GoPro or any accessory that uses the standard GoPro connection system.

The Connection Screw is what you use to connect the Adapter Plate to the J-Arm or Point-and-Shoot plate. Note that P.O.V. Kit will come with both Long and Short screws. If you're using the kit with a GoPro, use the connection screw that came with your GoPro to connect the GoPro.

This plate lets you connect point-and-shoot cameras to Capture. It connects to any camera with a 1/4"-20 tripod mount, meaning that it works with Sony Action Cams and some Contour models as well.

The J-Arm lets you connect your GoPro camera to Capture. Note that you attach your GoPro to the J-Arm using the connection screw that comes with your GoPro, not the connection screw that comes with P.O.V. Kit.

This is a semi-rigid pad that provides stability when your P.O.V. camera is mounted on your backpack strap. It lets you take smoother, cleaner video footage.

These are long clamping bolts for Capture. When you're using the stabilizer pad, you should replace Capture's standard clamping bolts with these long ones.

This 4mm hex wrench in included so that you can screw the Point-and-Shoot plate into your camera tightly for a secure connection.

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