Mounting a GoPro® Camera with P.O.V. Kit

Note: if you haven't yet, watch our POV Kit Instructional Video.

Another Note: This article shows POV Kit being used with an old version of Capture. Our latest version of Capture does not work with POV Kit for video shooting purposes because it does not have a plate lock on it. We're actively working on a solution. Details on that can be found here.

P.O.V. Kit lets you attach a GoPro® camera to Capture, allowing you to mount the GoPro on any backpack strap, belt or strap-like object.

To mount a GoPro on Capture, here are the parts of the P.O.V. Kit that you need:

From left to right, top to bottom: Adapter Plate, Connection Screw, J-Arm, Stabilizer Pad, Long Clamping Bolts

Here's how you set it all up:

Before you start, replace the standard clamping bolts on your Capture unit with the long bolts. 

Now, screw the J-Arm into the Adapter Plate using the Connection Screw.

Next, get your Capture clip and the stabilizer pad. Unscrew the the clamping bolts as far as they can go without coming out and swivel Capture open. Place the pad over Capture's backplate. If you're not wearing your GoPro on your backpack, you may not need the stabilizer pad. It's an optional accessory.

Place Capture's backplate and the stabilizer pad behind your backpack strap. Swivel the front of Capture over your backpack strap. Swivel Capture shut and clamp down the clamping bolts until they are as tight as you can get them by hand.

Now grab the Adapter Plate and J-Arm assembly. Screw your GoPro into the J-arm using the connection screw that comes with your GoPro.

Insert the Adapter Plate into Capture. It will lock into your Capture unit with a click noise. Then tighten down the black Plate Lock until it's tight. The Plate Lock will clamp the Adapter Plate rigidly into Capture to allow for smoother video.

You can articulate your GoPro in any direction you want my loosening the connection screws, moving your GoPro into the desired position, and tightening the screws. Make sure you tighten the screws as much as you can by hand so that your camera will remain in the same position during your activity.

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