Limited Stock & Pre-Order Items

Occasionally we have items for sale on our website that will not ship right away. When this happens, we put a notification on our product pages and we change the "AVAILABILITY" status to one of the following:



New and not yet shipping. If your order it, your shipment will be delayed until that item is available. It order contains non-pre-order items, it will be split into 2 shipments.


Out in one or more warehouses. Click the link and a window will pop up with more information. You may see any of the following:

RUNNING LOW: Item is likely to be on backorder soon. If you want it, place your order now.

BACKORDERED: Temporarily out of stock. If you order it, your shipment might be split or delayed.

DISCONTINUED: Permanently out of stock. If you still want it, check with a retailer near you, Amazon or eBay. If you order it, the item will be removed from your order and refunded.



If you do place an order containing one of these items, you will receive a shipping notification e-mail from Peak Design once your shipment has been postmarked. Note that all of our shipping dates are estimates of the earliest possible date we expect those items to ship. We typically cannot give specific dates because there are a number of factors (rate of production, container shipping times, warehouse receiving times, etc.) that we cannot fully predict. But please have our assurance that we are working hard to get you your order as fast as possible. 


Lens Kit - Canon 

  • USA: Backorder. Estimated to ship April 25th
  • All other locations in stock & shipping right away


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