Manfrotto Tripod Compatibility

Over the years we've made a number of Manfrotto® RC2 compatible plates for Capture. This article goes through the compatibility ratings of each plate, starting with the current model.

When we talk about "RC2" compatibility, we're referring to Manfrotto® brand tripod heads with a model number ending in RC2. When we say our plates are "RC2 compatible" we mean you'll be able to take your camera out of Capture and put it directly into your RC2 tripod head, no disassembly necessary. 

Dual Plate (current)


If you have the new Dual Plate (launched in Dec. 2017), your plate will work with most Manfrotto RC2 style tripod heads. Check the chart below for reference. 

If you find an RC2 model that doesn't work with your new Dual Plate, contact us.


PROplate RC2 Compatibility Chart*

Manfrotto® Model Compatible with PD plates? Description of Tripod Head Model
3030 Yes repl 804RC2 - Basic 3-Way Head with RC2 Rapid Connect Plate (3157N)
3130 Yes Replaced by: 128RC - Micro Fluid Head W/ Rc2 Rapid Connect Plate 200Pl-14 (3157N)
3229 Yes Replaced by: 234RC2 - Swivel Tilt Head With Rc2 Rapid Connect Plate (3157N)
3265 Yes Replaced by: 222 - Grip Action Ball Head With Rc2 Rapid Connect Plate (3157N)
3299 Yes Replaced by: 323 - Rc2 Rapid Connect Adapter With 3157N Plate
3437 Yes Replaced by: 460MG - 460 3D Magnesium Head With Rc2 Rapid Connect Plate (3157N)
128RC Yes Micro Fluid Video Head with Quick Release Camera Plate
143RC Yes Magic Arm with Quick Release Plate
155RC Yes Tilt-Top Head with Quick Plate
234RC Yes Monopod Tilt Top-Swivel Tilt Head with RC Plate 200PL-14
244RC Yes Variable Friction Magic Arm Quick Release
3130G Yes Green Micro Fluid Head with RC2 Rapid Connect Plate (3157N)
3157AN Yes Replaced by: 200PL-38 - Rc2 Rapid Connect Mounting Plate With 3/8" Screw
322RC2 Yes Horizontal Grip Action Ball Head with RC2 Rapid Connect
324RC2 Yes Light Duty Grip Ball Head
3265G Yes Green Grip Action Ball Head with RC2 Rapid Connect Plate (3157N)
327RC2 Yes Light Duty Grip Ball Head
390RC2 Yes Replaced by: 391RC2 - 390RC2 Junior Head With RC2 Rapid Connect Plate 200PL-14
391RC2 Yes 3-Way Aluminum Photo Video Head with QR 200PL-14 Plate
460MG Yes 3D Magnesium Head with RC2 Quick Release - Confirmed to work with the Beta adapter
468MGRC2 Yes Hydrostatic Ball Head with RC2 Quick Release
468RC2 Yes Replaced by 468MGRC2
484RC2 Yes Replaced by: 494RC2 Mini Ball Head With RC2 Plate(200Pl-14- Holds 8.8 lbs.(4Kg)
486RC2 Yes Replaced by: 496RC2 Compact Ball Head With RC2 Plate(200Pl-14)- Holds 13.2lbs.
488RC2 Yes Replaced by: 498RC2 Midi Ball Head With Rc2 Plate(200Pl-14)-Holds 17.6lbs.(8kg)
494RC2 Yes Mini Ball Head with RC2
496RC2 Yes Compact Ball Head with RC2 Quick Release
498RC2 Yes Midi Ball Head with RC2 Quick Release
700RC2 Yes Composite Video Head
700RC2NAT Yes Green Mini Video Head with RC2 Rapid Connect Plate (3157N)
701RC2 Yes Mini Video Head W/Rapid Connect 200Pl-14 Plate
804RC2 Yes Basic Pan Tilt Head with RC2 Quick Release
MH054M0-Q2 Yes 054 Magnesium Ball Head with Q2 Quick Release
MH055M0-Q2 Yes 055 Magnesium Ball Head with Q2 Quick Release
MHXPRO-3W Yes XPRO 3-Way Head w/Q2 Quick Release
MHXPRO-BHQ6  Yes (standard or Dual plate) MHXPRO-BHQ6 XPro Ballhead with Top Plate (ARCA compatible no adapters required)
MKCOMPACTADV Yes Compact Advanced aluminium tripod with 3-way head 
MKCOMPACTLT  No Compact Light aluminium tripod with ball head
NGEH1 Yes Expedition Ball Head With Rc2 Rapid Connect Plate (3157N)
BeFree MKBFRA4 Yes BeFree Compact Travel Tripod (uses a 200LT-PL Compatible clamp)


No BeFree LIVE Fluid Head uses the incompatible 501PL Plate.

MH804-3WUS head

No   3-Way, Pan-and-Tilt Head with 200LT-PL Quick Release Plate

*We try to keep this list as updated as possible, but note that this may not be a complete list.

PROplate (discontinued)


The PROplate was discontinued in late 2017. The PROplate achieved RC2 compatibility via a set of removable adapters that bolted into either side of the plate. With these adapters, PROplate works with most, but not all RC2 tripods. 

Original DUALplate (discontinued)


The original DUALplate was discontinued around 2015. It worked with Type A RC2 tripod heads, but not with most type B heads. See the compatibility list above.



Why the inconsistency?

Not all tripod heads labeled RC2 are exactly the same. There are actually 2 distinct types of them, but since Manfrotto® does not officially designate between them, we'll just call them Type A and Type B. Type A is compatible with PROplate, type B is not. Here's the difference (note that these observations are from our perspective and not official classifications from Manfrotto®):

Type A heads grab the plate in 2 places: the locking cam lever, and directly across from the cam lever. These heads almost always take our Dual Plate and PROplate perfectly. These heads make up about 80% of the total Manfrotto heads on the market, and are typically designed for still photography (as opposed to video).

Type B heads grab the plate in 3 places: the locking cam lever, and the 2 corners of the plate opposite of the cam lever. These heads typically do not fit our DUALplate or PROplate. We believe these heads are a minority of the Manfrotto heads on the market, and they are typically designed for video purposes.

So why couldn't we make a plate that works with both Type A and Type B? It boils down to a geometry problem. To make our plates compatible with Capture, their geometry must be within a certain set of tolerances. To make plates compatible with an RC2 tripod, their geometry must be within a different set of tolerances. To make plates compatible with both, there is a very tiny window of tolerances we must meet. Type B heads are a slightly different geometry than Type A heads, and are outside of our tolerances. We physically cannot make a tripod plate that is compatible with Capture and Type B heads.

I bought Capture to specifically work with my RC2 head, and it doesn't. What now?

First off, we sincerely apologize if you feel like you were misinformed or misled regarding our RC2 compatibility. Whenever we talk about RC2 compatibility we try to emphasize compatibility with most and not all models. In any case, it's a complex point to get across (hence this help article) and we do realize that some folks out there will order from us with different expectations. We stand fully behind our gear and our service, and we still believe you can get great use out of your CapturePRO system. Here are the options we recommend:

Arca Adapter: You can cheaply and easily get an ARCA adapter for your tripod head. See instructions on how to do this here.

New RC2 Head: If you're a diehard Manfrotto user you can always replace your current head with one of many compatible RC2 heads. This may be a less cheap option, but if you're already looking to upgrade or replace your tripod head it's a great solution.

Return Your Capture: If you've got an incompatible Manfrotto head and none of the above solutions work for you, we still think CapturePRO is a great product that will give you many years of hands free, uber-secure camera-carrying goodness. But, if a lack of compatibility with your RC2 model is a deal-breaker, you can contact us and request a money-back return.



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