Why is there no D-ring on our plates?

Way back in the day our plates had D-ring connection screws. We have since phased those out in favor of hex-drive screws, because even though D-rings were good in some ways, they were problematic in others.

The good:

D-rings let you hand-tighten and hand-loosen your quick-release plate, no tool needed. It also gives you a connection point for Anchors or other sling straps like those that Black Rapid makes.

The bad:

  1. Because the D-ring can be hand tightened, many folks tend to not use the hex tool. If you don't put enough elbow grease into it, you'll have a loose plate. While hand tightening and loosening is convenient, it's just not the safest. Safety, above all else, is the name of our game.
  2. Very rarely the D-ring pops out when it shouldn't. Like when your camera is locked into Capture. The result is that you have to jiggle your camera around to get it out of Capture.

So here's what we did:

  • We got rid of the D-ring. Now you have to use a tool to tighten/loosen your plate.
  • We replaced it with a hex-drive screw.
  • We added a keyring on the hex wrench so that it's easy to keep track of.
  • We added little loops in each of our plates that allow you to connect Peak Design Anchors and still insert your camera into Capture.
  • Our new straps (Slide, Slide Lite, Leash) come with Anchor Mount, a new ultra-low-profile connection point for anchors and traditional camera straps.
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