Using Peak Design Straps with Tripods

As of late 2017, the newest generation of Peak Design straps are compatible with ANY tripod plate or L-bracket. Yes, you read that right. Our straps work with any tripod plate or L-bracket, regardless of brand.

Using our Straps with 3rd Party Tripod Plates

All of our straps use the same quick-connection system, called Anchor Links. The system has 2 components: Anchors, which attach to any camera (or other device), and Links, which are a set of clips found at the ends of our straps. The Anchors securely lock into the Links, and each Anchor can hold over 200lbs (90kg).

Our newest generation of Anchors have extra-thin (yet incredibly strong) multilayer woven cords. These thinner cords allow the Anchors to fit between your tripod plate and the bottom of your camera. This means you can keep your 3rd party tripod plate (or L-bracket) on your camera, yet still attach a Peak Design strap to the bottom of your camera.


Straps With Older Anchors

If you purchased a Peak Design strap before late 2017, your strap included Anchors with thicker cords. These Anchors will not fit beneath a 3rd party tripod plate. However, older versions of our straps came with an Arca-compatible quick-release plate.

Upgrading Anchors Is Easy

If you've got older Anchors but you'd like to upgrade, good news: our new thinner Anchors are completely backwards compatible with all of our older straps. For that matter, our older Anchors are forwards compatible with newer straps. You can purchase a 4-pack of our new Anchors here.

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