Wearing Capture Horizontally on Your Belt

Capture v3

If you have Capture v3, you can wear it horizontally on your belt using the optional Pro Pad accessory. This gives you top-loading camera access which some folks find more ergonomic, or it gives them more peace of mind.

Capture + Pro Pad (horizontal orientation - top-loading access)


Capture by itself (vertical orientation - side-loading access)



Capture v2 and v1

Capture v2 can also be used with Pro Pad for top-loading access. It works best with the original version of Pro Pad, which you can still find on Amazon and eBay.

If you don't have Pro Pad, you can still position Capture horizontally on your belt. This is especially useful if you have a quick-release plate that only inserts into Capture in 2 directions. That includes: DUALplate, MICROplate or a PROplate with RC2 Adapters installed.

Simply rotate capture on your belt like below. This works best with thinner belts. 




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