Shell Instructions and Usage Tips

In many ways, Shell is the first product of it's kind. Hence, using Shell is a different experience than using other types of camera covers on the market. That's why we forced Peak Design head designer Art to get in front of the camera and wax eloquent on every last nook and cranny of Shell.

We recommend watching the video below all the way through. If you're strapped for time, you can go straight to one of the time stamps listed below the video.



0:20 - Picking the right size (more on that in this article)

0:56 - Putting Shell on your camera when wearing Capture

1:51 - Removing Shell from your camera

1:58 - How to keep Shell handy when removed from your camera

3:07 - How to stow Shell in the stuff pocket

3:51 - Using a Peak Design camera strap with Shell

4:44 - Shooting and accessing camera controls with Shell on your camera

5:25 - Using Shell as a cover when transporting or storing your camera

6:04 - Cleaning and caring for your Shell


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