Specs and Materials for The 15" Everyday Messenger

Photography Gear Capacity:

First off, this video shows our head designer Art Viger packing and re-packing The Everyday Messenger with a variety of photography kits. Press play below to watch—the video starts at 14:13 and Art waxes eloquent for a solid 5 minutes: 

If you don't want to watch the whole video, here's the jist:

  • The Everyday Messenger can simultaneously carry a full-frame DSLR, 3 lenses, 13-15 inch laptop and tablet, with pockets and space for additional accessories like batteries, cards, a flash, a battery grip, filters and more. This is it's max capacity, and it'll be pretty darn heavy if you load it up this much. Keep that in mind.
  • You can create space for 2 additional lenses or other items by attaching your camera to the outside of the bag using a Capture clip 
  • Got two camera bodies? The Everyday Messenger can comfortably fit two bodies with professional glass and a 3rd lens. 
  • Got a mirrorless setup? The Everyday Messenger is perfectly equipped to handle your camera body and 3 lenses, maybe more, depending on lens size.

Detailed Specs:

Capacity: 20.5L max, 13.5L min

Avg. Outer dimensions*: 17in (43cm) x 12in (30cm) x 7in (18cm)

Avg. Inner dimensions*: Main pocket is 5in (13cm) x 15.7in (40cm) and front access pocket is 2in (5cm) x 11in (28cm)

Weight: 2.5 lbs (1100g) [empty]

Strap Length: Adjustable from 31 in (78cm) to 56 in (142cm)

Max Laptop Dimensions: 14.35"x9.82"x.95"

*note that the bag can expand/contract greatly, so these specs represent an average load


Shell: 500D waxed, DWR-coated Kodra synthetic canvas with heathered texture

Shell bottom liner: waterproof 900d poly galaxy foam, more flexible than standard PVC coating used on most bags

Strap: Nylon seatbelt-style 2-inch tubular webbing with embedded high-density EVA padding. Anodized aluminum adjustment and attachment hardware. Hypalon strap connectors.

Interior: Ultra-soft heathered mixed poly-spun twill

Internal pockets in front panel: Elastic fine mesh with color-coded stitching

Zippers: top zippers are Zoom premium water-resistant, other zippers are YKK

MagLatch™: machined, anodized aluminum with embedded digital-safe rare-earth magnet

FlexFold™ dividers: compression-molded EVA foam with laminated poly-spun mixed twill

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