What types of lenses do CaptureLENS and Lens Kit work with?

Note: Lens Kit still exists in all it's glory, but CaptureLENS has been discontinued. In it's place, you can buy Capture (Clip-Only) + Lens Kit. You might still find CaptureLENS on Amazon.

CaptureLENS and Lens Kit work with the following lens types:

Nikon F-Mount (Nikon's standard DSLR lens style)

Canon EF-Mount (Canon's standard DSLR lens style)

Sony E-Mount and FE-Mount (Sony's mirrorless and full-frame mirrorless lens styles) 

We do not currently plan on making CaptureLENS and Lens Kit compatible with additional lens types. We chose these 3 mounts because they are the 3 most popular lens types that our Kickstarter backers and customers use (we've surveyed thousands of people to determine this). In the perfect world we'd support everything, but we realistically have to draw the line somewhere. It will take a lot of time and money to design, tool and manufacture CaptureLENS and Lens Kit to work with additional lens mount types, and it only makes sense to do that if we have a large enough base of customers who would purchase it. While we have no current plans of supporting more lens types in the future, that could change as we get more customer feedback.

Can I use adapters to carry other lens types?

In theory, yes, you can use lens mount adapters to make CaptureLENS and Lens Kit fit any type of lens, but that would be expensive (you'd need 2 adapters to get full functionality out of it) and less ergonomic (your lenses would stick out another 2-5 cm from the clip).

We've never seen this done in practice, so if you're currently using adapters with CaptureLENS please let us know how it's working for ya!

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