Strap Adjustment & Configuration For The Everyday Messenger

At a glance the straps on The Everyday Messenger look clean, simple and classic. But these straps are packed full of features and functions that allow for a versatile combination of carry styles.

Watch this video to see how to adjust and configure your straps for different styles of carry:

Let's Break It Down:

Don't feel like watching the whole video? Here are some key timestamps so you can jump to the area that you're most interested in:

  • High Slung: Classic Messenger Bag Mode (0:14)
  • Medium Slung: Switching To Low Messenger Mode (0:39)
  • Low Slung: Switching To Shoulder Bag Mode (1:08)
  • Quick Adjust Handle (2:00)
  • Non-Slip Grip (2:49)
  • Axial Strap Attachment (3:50)
  • Stabilizer Strap: Cross-Body Configuration (4:08)
  • Stabilizer Strap: Waist Belt Configuration (4:36)
  • Stabilizer Strap: Storage & Removal (4:58)
  • Switching Strap for Right Shoulder Carry (6:10)
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