How do I reverse the The Everyday Messenger's strap for right shoulder carry?

The Everyday Messenger's main strap can be removed and reversed, allowing you to wear the bag on your right shoulder with the padding centered over the top of your shoulder. Hit the play button to see how - the video will start at 6:09...


Flipping To The Gripped Side

The main strap has a silicone grip on the top side of it. This grip allows you wear the bag over a single shoulder without fear of it slipping off. To use the grip, simply flip the strap over. Hit the play button below to see how - the video will start at 2:49...

Why is the grip on the top?

The Everyday Messenger is first and foremost a messenger bag. The primary use case of a messenger bag is wearing it cross-body, so that the bag can be placed on your back while you're not using it, and quickly swung around to your front for access. This means that first and foremost, the strap must be smooth and friction-free.

We know, however, that sometimes it nice to be able to wear a messenger bag over a single shoulder. For example, perhaps you're in a rush out the door to catch a cab and you grab your bag and go. That's why we included a silicone grip on the reverse side of the strap. Engaging the grip is simple—just twist the strap so that the grip makes contact with your shoulder. We consider this use case to be the exception and not the norm, namely because The Everyday Messenger is meant to carry a laptop and photography gear. This gear is heavy, and resting that weight on a single shoulder is uncomfortable no matter what kind of bag you are using.

If you wish to carry your bag by your side in a low-slung position for and extended time, we recommend wearing the strap cross-body and adjusting it to the middle or lowest height setting. You can learn about adjusting the strap in this article.

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