Tips, Features & Functions for The Field Pouch

Every single part of The Field Pouch was designed with great intention, and in this video head designer Art Viger explains what those intentions are:


Let's Break It Down:

If you're not all about sitting through the entire video, below is a list of pertinent time stamps so you can quickly get to the section you're most interested in.

  • Fitting The Field Pouch in The Everyday Messenger (0:15)
  • Expandability & Capacity (0:52)
  • Interior Pocket Layout (1:30)
  • Using as a lens pouch (1:57)
  • Overview of different ways to wear The Field Pouch (2:56)
  • Attaching a Capture clip (3:19)
  • Wearing on your belt (3:53)
  • Wearing on a Peak Design strap (4:42)


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