What are Capture's safety features?

Capture has 3 key safety features to ensure your camera/device stays rigidly secure:

Quick release button/lock


When you insert your camera, the quick release lock automatically engages. A spring-loaded stainless steel pin locks your plate (and the camera it's attached to) rigidly into the clip. This simple lock can withstand well over 200lbs (90kg) of force, making it strong enough to hold the heaviest cameras in the diciest of situations.

To access your camera you must press the button down and pull your camera out while the button is pressed. If you simply press the button, your camera will remain held in the clip (by force of gravity).

Button safety lock

You can twist the quick release button to set a redundant locking mechanism that prevents the button from being pressed at all, similar to a trigger safety.


This safety lock is great to use for peace of mind in particularly extreme situations, like mountaineering, climbing, or in a cage match with with the Undertaker during the WWF '97 Summer Slam.

Non-slip backplate

Capture v3 (launched in 2017) features an embedded pad in the backplate. This creates additional friction when Capture is clamped to your belt or strap, ensuring it won't budge at all.



Hex-drive bolts

Capture v3 also comes with 2 sets of clamping bolts. The first are thumb-drive, the second are hex-drive. The hex-drive bolts let you get all the clamping power you need to ensure your clip is rigidly attached to your belt/strap.



Capture v2 Locking Features

Previous versions of Capture had slightly different security mechanisms. If you have a v2 unit, here's a rundown:


Like v3, v2 had a quick-release locking mechanism that held over 200lbs (90kg). The button and locking pin were both made of glass-filled nylon.



Like v3, v2 had a twistable button safety lock to prevent accidental pressing.


This was a feature that we removed from v2 to v3 because it was redundant, often misused/misunderstood, and occasionally uncomfortable because the knob would sometimes dig into your shoulder or waist.


The Plate Lock was a black knurled aluminum knob opposite the Quick Release Button. It's main function was to stabilize your device in the Capture clip. It does this by screwing an aluminum wedge into the side of the plate, preventing the plate from jiggling around.

The Plate Lock was only designed to be used in 2 scenarios:

1. Using Capture as a tripod head, which you can no longer do with Capture v3. We surveyed our customers and found that very few of them ever used that feature, so we removed it for the sake of cleanliness.

2. Mounting a GoPro® or other type of action camera in Capture using P.O.V. Kit. The plate lock prevents your GoPro from jiggling around so you can take smoother video. We plan to update P.O.V. Kit so that it has it's own stabilizing screw built into it. We expect to launch this update in the first half of 2018. To be notified when it's live, go here.

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