How to Add on Items to your Reward / Kickstarter Pledge


1. Click "Back this project" or "Manage your pledge"



1a. If you are managing your existing pledge, you will come to this screen. If you are backing for the FIRST TIME this step DOES NOT apply to you:


2. Select a Reward Level:  



3. Edit Pledge Amount to reflect the cost of your reward + shipping + additional items wanted (from Add-On Menu)


Travel Backpack ($235) + US Shipping ($18) + 1x Tech Pouch ($48)  = $301





4. Confirm the change.



You do not need to add any extra money for shipping beyond the shipping surcharge that is part of your reward (displayed per reward).

And that’s it, you’re done for now. No need to do anything else until our funding period ends on September 20th.

In the weeks following September 20th we will send every backer a survey. In that survey, you will tell us which specific items (and colors) you want to add on to your reward. You will also have the chance to add Peak Design products to your reward that are not in the Add-On Menu. You will give us your shipping details at that time.







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