Choosing Your Range Pouch Size

Lenses come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Fortunately, Range Pouch comes in 3 different sizes, each of which fits a wide range of lenses. Range Pouch is a padded pouch with a durable 400d nylon canvas and a weatherproof coating. Even if you frequently change lenses, there's probably a single Range Pouch size that will solve your needs. 


Range Pouch sizes and Corresponding Lenses

Let's start with a brief pict-o-gram:

If you've still got questions, this chart contains a few more nitty-gritty details:

Pouch Size
Camera and Lens Compatability
Small Primes and small to medium mirrorless lens systems
  Compact cameras with pancake lenses
  Accessories such as wallet, phone, or keys

Medium 24-70mm lenses without a hood
  14-24mm wide angle lenses
  Small to medium flashes

Large 70-200mm telephoto lenses without a hood
  24-70mm lenses with a hood
  DJI Mavic Pro with phone as controller

Still not sure which to choose?

Check out the video below. At 7:47, Peak Design head designer Art Viger demonstrates the different Range Pouch sizes and what they can fit.

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