How do I install my replacement tote tension hook?


If you're reading this, you're probably a Kickstarter backer who just received an Everyday Tote with a spare tension hook and an instruction card pointing to this page. First off, thank you so much for your support! Secondly, let's get you up to speed.




Install it, using the instructions on the card. Some Everyday Tote bags were shipped with an extra tension hook. This is the aluminum hook that offers secure secondary closure to the main compartment of the bag. If your bag came with that spare hook, take the existing hook off your bag and replace it with the spare one. It'll take you about 15 seconds and is totes easy.




First, remove the old tension hook by sliding the tail end of the webbing out through the rear slot in the hook and then through the front slot. You can discard the old hook. It is made of recyclable aluminum.


Second, install the new tension hook by sliding the tail end of the webbing in through the front slot (#1 on the diagram) and out through the rear slot (#2).


If you accidentally mix the two hooks up and forget which one is which, hold them next to each other and look at the diagram. The one with the green check mark is the good one.




We shared this in one of our recent Kickstarter updates, but it bears explanation again. One of our suppliers included an old tension hook design with some of the Tote assemblies. The old hook design has a sharp inner chamfer that can slowly fray the webbing loop that it connects to. We discovered this issue after roughly 1000 Totes had left our supplier on boats, en-route to our global warehouses. Had we shipped the affected Totes back to our supplier for refurbishment, we'd almost certainly face fulfillment delays to some of our Tote backers. So, instead we rush-shipped a bunch of new tension hooks to our warehouses, along with some simple instructions on how to install them yourself. Hence, you got your Tote on time, along with the right tension hook.


If your Tote comes in a box, there should be a hook in there. Be sure to look in all corners/under flaps of the box.

Note that if your Tote does not come with a spare hook, it means that the hook on your Tote is the correct design. We were able to quarantine all the Tote bags that might be affected by this issue.


Thanks again for your support, and happy toting!

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