Capture v3: Tips & Instructions

In the below video, Peak Design Art Director Lawrence "Belt-n-Suspenders" Lander walks through everything you could ever want (or not want) to know about setting up and using the all-new Capture camera clip. Enjoy this video. Laugh. Cry. Shake your fist at the sky and yell "WHY ME?! WHY NOW?!"

Just make sure you're well hydrated and sitting down, because Lawrence has been known to blow people's minds with his on-screen antics.

Director's note: This setup video features Capture v3, but also works for older versions of Capture.


Don't have time to watch the whole thing?

Jump to the portion of the video you are interested in:

  • What's in the box (00:00)
  • Installation (0:42)
  • Belt setup (1:30)
  • Backpack setup (2:44)
  • Using with thick straps (4:39)
  • Using with pancake lenses (5:31)
  • Attaching Capture to PD bags (5:43)
  • What's new with Capture v3 (5:50)
  • Manfrotto RC2 tripod compatibility via Dual Plate (6:55)
  • Carrying GoPros, binoculars, lenses (7:50)
  • Backwards compatibility with older PD gear (8:40)
  • Pro Pad overview (9:26)
  • Pro Pad on a belt (9:40)
  • Pro Pad on a Backpack (11:29)
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